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All Things Rite and Musical is…

a podcast, obviously. Made by two guys who love nothing more than getting together and nerding out about all aspects of worship.

You can always listen on this website, riteandmusical.org. You can also subscribe via iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, or subscribe manually to our feed in whatever your favorite podcatcher happens to be.

We're hoping to have new episodes about every two weeks or so. Sometimes more frequently, sometimes less. If you feel like it's been a while, drop us a line and we'll try to let you know what the hold up is.

We love to hear from you about All Things. You can find us on Facebook and Twitter, and you can even email us at riteandmusical@gmail.com

About the Hosts


David Sinden is a layperson in the Episcopal Church. His specialty is playing mechanical action organs of Episcopal churches in states that border Kentucky, which he has done consistently since 2006. He also waves his arms in front of choirs and other groupings of musicians.

Twitter: @sinden • Website: sinden.org


Ian Lasch is a priest in the Episcopal Church. He particularly enjoys preaching and teaching, as well as playing with his two sons. Prior to seminary, he worked as an Arabic translator, which made Biblical Hebrew seem like cheating.

Twitter: @ianlasch


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