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Christmas Special

012 Advent to Christmas (and beyond!)

011 Morning Prayer vs. Eucharist

Extra: An Advent Experiment

010 On Jordan's Bank the Podcast's Cry

009 Thanksgiving Mini-Episode

Breaking Liturgical News: "Extended" Advent

008 Theology of Worship

Teresa of Avila on the Body of Christ

007 Saints, All Saints (A Great Pod of Witnesses)

Personal Essay: Toddler Evensong

006 Parts of the Mass (Gloria in excelcast)

Live Episode! October 9, 2017

Live Episode today! #atrmlive

Jeffrey Smith on "A Silence More Musical Than Song"

005, part 2, The Pod-estant Reformation: the hymns

005 The Pod-estant Reformation

Extra: Young People and Church Music (Psallam spiritu pod mente)

Voluntary Edition: a conversation with Brad Hughley

Live Episode on October 9, 2017

004 For Pod and Country

Rectory Edition: Lift up your hearts / My heart will go on

Customary Edition: a conversation with the Rev. Charlie Dupree

The podcast in the news!

003 Announcements (their Podsition in the liturgy)

Extra: Buzard on Sowerby

Voluntary Edition: a conversation with Stephen Buzard

Hymns for the Solar Eclipse

On Ontological Change

002 East-facing Altars (pod orientem)

Some early praise for the podcast

When's the next episode?

001 Baptism (Becoming the Pod-y of Christ)

Podcast music: Engelberg

How to listen to and follow the show

Podcast release date is August 1!

C. S. Lewis on novelty in the liturgy

James Alison on being bored during worship

Preview Episode: "Where two or three are gathered, a podcast shall appear"

I was glad when they said unto me...

G. K. Chesterton on the Democracy of the Dead

First post!