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David and Ian talk about Lent.

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  • From the Additional Directions for the Holy Eucharist (BCP page 406)
    Gloria in excelsis, or the hymn used in place of it, is sung or said from Christmas Day through the Feast of the Epiphany; on Sundays from Easter Day through the Day of Pentecost, on all the days of Easter Week, and on Ascension Day; and at other times as desired; but it is not used on the Sundays or ordinary weekdays of Advent or Lent.
  • "Forty days" hymns in Lent
    • 142: "Lord, who throughout these forty days"
    • 143: "The glory of these forty days"
    • 150: "Forty days and forty nights"
  • The Lamentations by Edward Cuthbert Bairstow (1874–1946)

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  1. You suggest that Prayer D is "too festive" for Lenten use. But among the Orthodox, it is precisely during Lent and Holy Week that the anaphora of St. Basil the Great--of which Prayer D is an abridged variation--is used. So might not the use of Prayer D be actually more appropriate on these days than not?


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