034 This is a Lessons and Carols podcast now

Sorry not sorry. Also: Epiphany, and over stoles!

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  • Lessons and Carols throughout the year
  • Fixed elements of the Epiphany Season
    • The Epiphany - January 6
    • The Baptism of Jesus - The Sunday after the Epiphany
    • The Confession of St. Peter - January 18
    • The Conversion of St. Paul - January 25
    • The Presentation - February 2 (not mentioned in this podcast, but it figures into the Epiphany Carol Service from St. John's, Cambridge - see above)
    • The Transfiguration story - The Last Sunday after the Epiphany
  • Revised Common Lectionary, Epiphany 2C only: the miracle at the wedding in Cana. This reading was part of the one-year lectionary in the 1662 Book of Common Prayer for the Second Sunday after the Epiphany.
  • The traditional three miracles of Epiphany: the Magi (Kings), the Baptism of Jesus, the Wedding in Cana
  • Hymn 135: "Songs of thankfulness and praise"
  • Hymn 138: "All praise to thee, O Lord" - a hymn that focuses on the miracle at the wedding in Cana.
  • Hymn 167: "There is a green hill far away" - actually sung by a semi-chorus of trebles (not a treble soloist as David says in this episode) at the "Easter from King's" service. The author is Cecil Frances Alexander.
  • David's cat, Ampney, inserted himself into the over stoles discussion in a way that could not be edited out!

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