039 An Emergency Palm Sunday Episode

We critique the rapidly-growing movement of moving the Passion Gospel to the end of the Palm Sunday liturgy in the Episcopal Church.

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  1. Good episode! You touched on both frustrating arguments. Regarding the "it just works better" argument: my response would be that you then need to start a process of liturgical reform, trial use, and get General Convention to pass it. You don't get to just implement your ideas whenever you want in your local place.

    As Aidan Kavanagh points out, the words of the liturgy *belong to the assembly*. They are ours, not the worship leader's, and the worship leader doesn't get to change them because they feel like it. This right, this security, is important to our tradition as Anglicans, and the many hours and years of wokr shouldn't be thrown out on a whim because "it works better". (According to just some person.)


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