050 The Advent of "Coronatide"

With the COVID-19 pandemic, Episcopal and Anglican churches around the world are faced with a new reality: the inability to meet together for worship. David and Ian share some initial thoughts, reflections, and their experiences so far. This episode was recorded on the Fourth Sunday in Lent, March 22, 2020.

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  1. You say (I believe it was Ian) that you think it’s important to foster a sense of corporate worship, praying together, during this time, even if the technology is not perfect. I have to say that I’ve really appreciated the way my parish has done it. They aren’t set up for providing a video or audio representation of our church’s worship. So we are encouraged:
    * To pray the daily office together with the church, particularly on Sunday morning
    * To watch the livestream from the National Cathedral, which is so wonderfully done; because they have done this before at a high level, the technology is not distracting, and the sermon last Sunday was just beautiful
    * To read a daily newsletter of prayer sent out by the clergy, including a brief prayer, a selection from the prayers of the people, and a short meditation (one time a video greeting was included, which helped remind me of the faces behind the email!)

    I also wanted to say how much I appreciated the thought from your sermon – ‘we need to let ourselves feel the lack’. That has been so true for me, and for me is the strongest argument against trying to make everything seem normal, such as with a Zoom Eucharist. For me, this Lent is a time for knowing my need for God.


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