2020 Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols Preview

David previews the music at this year's Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols at King's College, Cambridge

Download this episode (mp3).

David neglects to mention the composer of "The Angel Gabriel," the commissioned carol in 2019: Philip Moore.

Music heard in this episode:

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  1. David, say a bit about the use of piano, please. Thank you for your commentary. Merry Christmas!🌲🎄🌲...George Mims

    1. Hello, George! I don't expect that King's will be using a piano on Christmas, but I could be wrong. They took great pains a few years ago to be sure the organ was restored in between Christmases so that it would be playable for the big service. (We did hear quite a lot of piano accompaniment that year while the organ was out.) The really excellent recording of the Lutosławski I found on YouTube (linked above) does use piano accompaniment, but I can imagine it being accompanied well with a light registration on the organ. And I suspect that is what we will hear on Christmas Eve: the accompaniment from the organ.

  2. For one time a year, I drop what I am doing and listen once more to the story that changes everything, every single thing. You bring such profound beauty year by year. This year will be still be beautiful. Well wishes for all. --Robin Townsley Arcus, Durham, NC


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