059 Omicron all ye faithful

We're gonna talk about Christmas carols! (But we chat about the Omicron weirdness first.)

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  1. .....and Good Christian Men Rejoice! Doesn't bother me. I know it means me.

    1. But it isn't always about us who are already in the Church.

      I was raised on the 1928 BCP. I know what suffer and prevent mean in that context. It would be a rare 20-something that does.

      There was a reason the Authorized Version and BCP said male and female versus man. No one comes to a Christmas Eve service wanting a lesson in the history of the English language. They want Christmas. Don't get in the way with language.

      That doesn't mean to never sing it. However, sing it when there is a chance to localize (or explain) the language to 21st century English.


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