Extra: An Advent Experiment

Look around you. Have you worked out what we're looking for? Correct. The answer is an Advent Bidding Prayer. An experiment was carried out using the Book of Occasional Services and Carols for Choirs 1. • Show notes: http://www.riteandmusical.org/2017/11/extra-advent-experiment.html

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  • An Advent experiment carried out using
    • Book of Occasional Services, page 31 - Bidding Prayer for Advent Festival of Lessons and Music
    • Carols for Choirs 1 (Oxford University Press). - Bidding Prayer for Christmas Lessons and Carols
  • David recommends using the Advent Bidding Prayer from Carols for Choirs 2 (or another specifically for Advent)
  • Okay, if you really want to get that "an experiment was carried out" reference at the top of the description, you need to watch Look Around You. Maybe start with the Calcium episode

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