029 “A, 0, 6, 8, who do we appreciate? The Prayer Book!”

A big discussion about where The Episcopal Church stands now after the passage of resolution A068 (Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer) and the formation of Task Force for Liturgical and Prayer Book Revision (TFLPBR, "tiffle-pibber"). Are we really revising the Prayer Book? What's going to happen next?

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Resolution passed by the 2018 General Convention: A068: Plan for the Revision of the Book of Common Prayer

The 79th General Convention Blue Book contains an thorough report from the Standing Commission on Liturgy and Music, Subcommittee to Revise the Book of Common Prayer. The report presents two options each of which was represented with a corresponding resolution. Option One is a comprehensive plan to begin Prayer Book revision, and it corresponds with resolution A068. Option Two is a plan for deeper engagement with the present Prayer Book, and it corresponds with resolution A069.

Even though General Convention did not approve the resolution, the report is still worth reading for consideration of what a thorough revision of the physical Book of Common Prayer would entail. The report begins on page 193 of the Blue Book

The detailed plan for revision in this report is impressive, as is the included 157 pages of background information which contains: 1) Grounded Theory Research Project; 2) Bulletin collection Project; 3) Focus Groups/Art of Hosting design; 4) Participation in International Anglican Liturgical Consultation (IALC); 5) Anglican province interviews (transcripts); 6) 2017 “The Once and Future Prayer Book” conferences; 7) 2000 General Convention Report from the Standing Liturgical Commission: Plan for Prayer Book Revision; 8) Church of England description of the Editorial Process of Common Worship. The background information begins on page 212 of the report.

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  1. minor point, but IALC is International Anglican Liturgical Consultation, which is a network of the AC (I know as chair of it...)

    1. Thank you for the correction, Dr. Larson-Miller! I have corrected this page. I see now that it is printed both ways in the Blue Book report, hence my error.


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