031 All Things Rite & Canticle

All about the canticles!

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  • Follow along in your 1979 Book of Common Prayer (BCP)! Canticles appear on pages 47-53, 65-66 (Rite I), 85-96, 119-120 (Rite II)
  • Enriching Our Worship 1 (EOW); read as PDF
  • Frederick Burgomaster, Organist & Choirmaster of Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, 1977-2009.
  • Ned Rorem: A Song of Hosea (Canticle H in EOW)
  • Canticle L: A Song of Christ’s Humility (The Kenosis Hymn)
  • The traditional (1662) Evensong canticles are the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis. The 1662 BCP lists the alternatives as the Cantate Domino (Psalm 98) and the Deus Misereatur (Psalm 67) respectively. In the American 1789 and 1892 BCPs, the 1662 "alternatives" appear first, and new alternatives from the Psalms are included.
  • Grayston Ives
  • The traditional Morning Prayer canticles are
    • Venite as Invitatory
    • Te Deum after the first Reading (except in Lent, when the Benedicite would be used)
    • Benedictus (by 1662 the Jubilate Deo is given as an alternative)
  • 1979 BCP pages 144 and 145: table of suggested canticles (which is "basically nonsense")
  • Buyer beware! The 1979 BCP Te Deum (even in Rite I) doesn't match most traditional choral settings of this canticle. It is "completed" at Morning Prayer in the 1979 BCP by Suffrages B.
  • Canticle 8: The Song of Moses
  • A Song of Faith (Canticle M in EOW) has been set by Grayston Ives. The choral work is called "A Living Hope." Since recording this episode, David has emailed the composer and purchased copies of the score.

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