006 Parts of the Mass (Gloria in excelcast)

David and Ian take a look at the five Ordinary parts of the Holy Eucharist: 1) Kyrie (“Lord have mercy”), 2) Gloria in excelsis (“Glory to God in the highest”), 3) Credo (The Nicene Creed; “I believe in God”), 4) Sanctus (“Holy, holy, holy Lord”) and Benedictus qui venit (“Blessed is he”), 5) Agnus Dei (or “Pod-nus Dei” if you prefer). Also Fraction Anthems, and...eventually...the Trisagion. Show notes: http://www.riteandmusical.org/2017/10/006-parts-of-mass-gloria-in-excelcast.html

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    The Ordinary parts of the Mass are
    1. Kyrie
    2. Gloria
    3. Credo
    4. Sanctus and Benedictus
    5. Agnus Dei
  • The Proper parts of the Mass (not under discussion here) are the Introit, the Gradual, Alleluia/Tract, Sequence, Offertory, and Communion.
  • Thomas Cranmer
  • Calvin Hampton
  • Missa Brevis - literally “short mass,” a musical setting that has one mass movement omitted, often the Creed
  • Eschatology - theology dealing with the "last things"
  • Fraction Anthem - words that are said or sung immediately after the Breaking of the Bread
    • Christ our Passover is sacrificed for us (S 151 through S 156)
    • The disciples knew the Lord Jesus (S 167)
  • Archangelski Trisagion (S 102)
  • David Hurd Trisagion (S 100)
  • John Rutter Trisagion (S 101; it modulates up a third at every iteration, not a half-step like David says)


  • 14th-century Kyrie from the Tolosa manuscript, performed by the French Organum/Cirma group.
  • Gloria from Missa Brevis by Jonathan Dove, sung by the Choir of St. Peter’s, St. Louis
  • Creed from the website of the Choir of St. John's College, Cambridge: http://www.sjcchoir.co.uk/listen/sjc-live/plainsong-credo-ii. St. John's webcasts many of their services on their website, and at services of Holy Eucharist the Creed is often a plainsong setting in Latin (as heard here).
  • Sanctus from Communion Service (Rite II) by Gerald Near, sung by the Choir of Christ Church Cathedral, Indianapolis, circa 2008 (directed by David Sinden)
  • Agnus Dei (S by Healey Willan, sung by St. John's, Detroit in this YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzYoVS8WMxQ

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