007 Saints, All Saints (A Great Pod of Witnesses)

Who are the saints? Who are the souls? What's the difference? Show notes: http://www.riteandmusical.org/2017/10/007-saints-all-saints-great-pod-of.htm

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All Saints Day is November 1

All Saints' Day may always be observed on the Sunday following November 1, in addition to its observance on the fixed date.

All Souls Day (The Commemoration of All Faithful Departed) is November 2

Necrology - a list of names of people in the church who have died. When it is read within the liturgy, it is a list of those who have died in the past year.

Hymn 293: “I sing a song of the saints of God”

Hymn 287: “For all the saints” by William Walsham How

Credit: "Take me out to the ball game" sung by Edward Meeker, 1908

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